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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cat skeleton leads to hands-on learning for Harvey High students

Meet Charley the Cat

Harvey High School students in Lisa McDonald's anatomy and physiology class recently reconstructed the skeletal bones of a deceased cat after one classmate found the remains buried in her yard.

Senior Julia Herendeen found the skeletal remains of a wild cat that died in her yard several years ago, according to a school press release. After getting McDonald's approval, Herendeen collected, boiled and cleansed the bones with water and bleach and brought them to class.

Students involved in the project are seniors Julia Herendeen, Michael Hall, Luis Aquirre, Yesenia Torres, Khalil Guildford, Karla Zermano, Lucia Padilla and Sarah Huff.

In the photo below, Khalil Guildford and Julia Herendeen show off the cat skeleton their class put together. They've named the cat Charley.

Information and photos provided by Chris Hanahan, Painesville City Local Schools Communications, Public Relations
& Wellness Coordinator.

Elizabeth Lundblad, Lake County education reporter


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