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Thursday, February 6, 2014

St. Gabriel School celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Sixth and seventh grade students accept their awards with Mrs. Donna Lee Saladino.
Concord Township – St. Gabriel School announced the winners of this year’s Catholic Schools Week Art Contests on Wednesday.

This year’s theme was, "Lord, when did we see you? Helping others is helping Jesus."

Each grade had one winner and one runner up. The students participated by creating posters or writing essays and poems.

The winning students included:

Sasha Bober, Emily Laukonis, Selena Moissis, Brecklin Harrold-Timco, Sophia Purgar, Belle Langer, Isabella Dipko, Gabriella Wasner, Brooke Dobrski, Maria Mancari, Sarah Boyle, Faith Smolik, Vanessa Krix, Liam Powers, Nick Longano, Patrick Gerboth, Alex Mohr, Gianna Garman, Johnny Nguyen, Olivia Remchick, Grace Klein, Emma Smallwood, Sarah Mancari, Katrina Kresock, JP DelFreo, Hailey Mullin, Domenic Fiore, Dillon Bangasser, Celeste Koerwitz, Hannah Cvelbar, Tommy Horen, Matthew Novak, Anthony Raguz, Jillian Petersen, Sarah Birman.

Information and photo provided by Alicia Henrikson and the St. Gabriel.


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