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Thursday, January 30, 2014

SOUND OFF: Should Ohio increase the number of calamity days this year?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is urging state officials to work on legislation that would allow a one-time increase of calamity days schools districts could use this year.

Kasich said the increase is needed because many schools across the state already have used or are close to using their allotment of five calamity days because of the severe winter weather.

"School closures can, of course, be an inconvenience, but student safety always comes first," Kasich said in a news release that asks the Ohio General Assembly and Ohio Department of Education to work together on legislation on the issue.

The governor said extending the school year to make up missed time can wreak havoc on school budgets and schedules.

"Giving schools a few extra snow days this year will be helpful and let everyone stay focused on the top priority when weather hits, keeping kids safe," Kasich said.

We asked readers what they thought.

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