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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fairport Harbor preschoolers learn about transportation

Students at Fairport Harbor Preschool have a whole new understanding of cars, boats and planes.

Teacher Britany Woodworth challenged the youngsters to work as a team with their parents to create their own versions of popular forms of transportation.

The work is now on display at the Fiarport Harbor Public Library to promote the school, since its presence isn’t widely known, Woodworth said.

The projects include a large school bus, helicopter and abstract submarine made from a bottle. A boat even features a plastic figure of The Joker.

Students used paper, pipe cleaners and other materials to construct their vehicles.

The next lessons they will cover include colors and animals.

The school is operated by the Lake County Educational Services Center, and located in McKinley Elementary School.

Caitlin Fertal


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